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My Top 7 Money Saving Websites


1) Slickdeals – Slickdeals is by far my favorite deal site. The frontpage deals are great, but the true beauty of slickdeals is in the forums. “Slickdealers” are a special breed. Continue reading “My Top 7 Money Saving Websites”

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Money Saving Quick Tip #2

Ibotta – Ibotta is an app that places coupons and rebates at your fingertips. If you thought rebates were a hassle, then try Ibotta. You simply scan the QR code or snap a quick photo and the rebate is approved within 24 hours. You can connect your Ibotta account to Paypal or Venmo and cash out anytime you have over $20 built up. Plus, right now there is a $10 bonus when you submit a rebate within 30 days of opening your account. Easy money.

Money Saving Quick Tip


Dryer Balls – Dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener. They shorten dry times, last for over 1,000 loads, and contain no chemicals! You can find different ones online. We own the ones in the link, which go for $19 now, but we got them on a deal for $13.50

How to Save Money on Gas

Okay. Fuel is cheap right now. There is no doubt about that, but every penny counts. And, certainly, fuel will rise in price again. For those reasons, I want to help you save as much as possible.  Continue reading “How to Save Money on Gas”

How to Save Money on Cars

The best way to save money on a car is to make the right purchase to begin with. Here are some resources that helped us greatly in searching for new and/or used vehicles. Continue reading “How to Save Money on Cars”

How to Save Money on TV

The days of paying cable and satellite companies are nearing their fateful end. For many of us, they are already here, but you still have to pay someone to watch tv. Find out who you should be paying. Continue reading “How to Save Money on TV”

How to Save Money on Movies

Movies are expensive, whether you are buying, renting, or watching in the theater. But fear not, because there are ways to save. Continue reading “How to Save Money on Movies”

How to Save Money on Books

Books can be expensive, especially as a student. There are ways, however, to not break the bank every semester. Here are some great places and tips to help you. Continue reading “How to Save Money on Books”

How to Save Money on Dates, Restaurants, and Family Activities

Dates are expensive. Eating out is expensive. Doing things with your family that involves spending money is expensive. Here are a few tips to help. Continue reading “How to Save Money on Dates, Restaurants, and Family Activities”

How to Save Money on Music

For all of my fellow music lovers, I want to give you some tips to keep from shelling out $10 every time one of your favorite bands drops a new album. Continue reading “How to Save Money on Music”

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